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Each installation of windows and doors nowadays come with their own set of hardware options for handles, locks, casements, and so on. Homeowners choose their preferred hardware for windows and doors depending on the type of functionality, the level of security, and the kind of aesthetic taste that they wish for. Our technical professionals at B.T. Windows and Doors provide consultation to come up with the best possible custom solutions that provide optimal performance, safety, and convenience. Our quality products and workmanship ensures that the following hardwares like latches, levers, lifts, and door handles have impeccable finishes, which are easy to control and weather tight. The various styles in hardware that we offer, including a wide array in types of metals and ornamental details, allow for flexibility in selection that ultimately complements and enhances the overall decor of your home’s exterior and interior. #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Hardware #Maryland #MD

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