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Interior Design Makeover


Do you have a fixer upper in your hands? Or do you need ideas for a home makeover? One of the most economically sound places to start your home renovation project is with your windows. Not only do they deliver immediate aesthetic impact, but they also have amazing economic payoffs in home maintenance and energy billings. Living spaces with lots of bright natural lighting continue to be in high demand from homeowners, and therefore more and more homeowners are switching to expansive windows that maximize natural light, open up spaces, and have a functional addition of connecting indoor and outdoor areas. A change in windows brings about a change in lighting that completely alters the vibe of a room, and furthermore a home. You can trust us to execute a proper installation that assures performance with no air or water leakages. Renovate, remodel, and revamp with us for a beautiful modern home. #InteriorDesign #InteriorDesignMakeover #OurHistory #PatioDoor #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

B.T. Windows History


Being able to trust your contractor is critical in starting home improvement projects. To briefly introduce ourselves to you about who we are, what we do, and our brief history, the founder and owner of B.T. Windows, Tomasz Bilich, began working at a local window manufacturing factory 25 years ago, where he learned how windows are made from top to bottom. Then he went onto master post installation services and built a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy contractor. Him and his team now have over 10 years of experience fixing and building residential and commercial windows and doors. We pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship and customer service we deliver. Not being a large corporation, we are able to offer one-on-one personalized care and design solutions for our clients. We value your business and will always strive to save you time and money in realizing your ideal home. #BTWindowsHistory #OurHistory #PatioDoor #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

Changing Entry Door & Patio Door


Is your door weathertight? Would you like a chance to replace your worn out doors with new, energy- efficient doors that instantly spruce up the look of your home? Of course! Changing entry and patio doors are quick and easy fixes to your home that have some major benefits like saving you money in the long run, adding security, and improving your home’s curb appeal. Home improvement projects like these can seem daunting for their price and scope but the right technicians will minimize damages and leave you satisfied. Our professionals deliver on top quality installations through expert practices such as fit-to-size accurate measurements of door size and jamb width to perfectly matching the stylistic details of the new door to your home. For patio doors, we work to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces through a simple upgrade with leak-proof door options so that you can enhance and optimize the functions of your living spaces. #QualityDoor #EntryDoor #PatioDoor #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

Quality Glass Variety


B.T. Windows & Doors works with a variety of quality glass so that you can find just the right one that suits your home’s needs. From the types of frames to the types of glass and shapes of windows, each variation serves a different purpose, whether in durability or aesthetics. For frames, we handle a wide range from metal frames to wooden frames, and composite frames. Each have different levels of functionality including insulation, maintenance, and of course the way it looks. The same distinction can be seen with types of glass. Whether it’s obscured glass, laminated glass, mirrored glass, tinted glass, or glass with gas fills, reflective coatings, spectrally selective coatings, or low-emissivity coatings, they all have an effect in the amount of solar light and heat they transfer into the home. Just as important are shapes of windows. We apply many different kinds such as casements, fixed, double-hung, awnings, hopper, and a single or double sliding windows. They differ not only in view but also in how they open and close. It’s up to the homeowners to consider the amount light and heat they wish to be transmitted, then leave it to us to get the job done! #QualityGlassVariety #Glass #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

Certified Professionals


Be careful not to overlook the importance of the installation process. High performance and high quality windows are only as good as its installation. Poor installation can ruin expensive windows and manufacturers’ warranties usually don’t cover the installation process. Mistakes are often made during installation which lead to unforeseen costs over time for repeated service calls, water and air leakage, mold growth, and violation of building codes. These expenses can be best avoided by hiring the right certified professionals from the get go. Trained on the best practices put forth by industry standards, our technicians can handle complicated installations, and save you a lot of money and time going forward. Our team has over 10 years of experience, accredited, installation master certified, U.S. EPA lead-safe certified, and OSHA certified. You can have confidence that our professionals will only employ tested and accepted installation techniques and select proper materials to protect your property. #Certified #Professionals #HomeValue #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

Protection against UV Rays


Dangers of UV rays emitted from the sun are well known. Too much exposure can put you at greater risk for skin cancer. But did you know that UV rays don’t just exist outdoors, but that UV radiation penetrates to indoors as well? This is where the importance of having UV protected windows become crucial. The key benefit here is that you can keep yourself and your family safe from harmful effects of UV rays. Our window filtering will effectively reduce the amount of UV rays entering your home to near zero. Other benefits include minimizing heat gain during the summer months and heat loss during the winter months. That extra layer of insulation in the windows will help to cut down your electricity bills. Lastly, UV protected windows will extend the life of your home furnishings including carpets, upholstery, and artworks that are comprised of materials such as leather, wood, and various fabrics, preventing fading, discoloration, and further damages. #UV #UVrays #HomeValue #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

Boost home value by replacing Window and Door


Save as much as 50% on your air conditioning bills by replacing poor-performing windows with efficient ones! Energy costs are rising and the summer months are approaching. B.T. Windows and Doors use only the highest quality glass and framing materials to meet your needs. We service a wide variety of window and door solutions including custom shapes such as bow windows and awnings. We provide seamless installation from start to finish so you don’t have to worry if your new windows will fit in existing molds. You can count on us to deliver on our promises. With our service, you can expect to start seeing your utility bills go down. #SaveMoney #HomeValue #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

Boost home value by replacing Window and Door


Looking for a way to instantly boost your home value? Spring is definitely the season of home improvements and sales. Whether you are buying or selling a home, windows and door installation can help you get the best possible deals. If you buy a fixer upper or wish to sell your home, replacing windows and doors at an affordable price can definitely have a return on investment by increasing the price of the home. For many homeowners, it could be the difference between getting the highest asking price and not. #SaveMoney #HomeValue #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

Warm weather - good timing to replace Window and Door


With warmer months approaching, it’s the perfect time to start fixing up failing windows. But we understand that it can be a huge and daunting undertaking. So, B.T. Windows & Doors is here to ease your window replacement process. As accredited and installation master certified technicians, we are no ordinary contractors. We will hear your ideas and desires, and craft custom solutions to meet them. Buy 3 or more? SAVE 15% Code: FACEBOOK. Call us at (410) 336-1945 to get a quote! #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

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