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Window Grids

Window Grids

Window Grids


An important step in installing new windows is selecting the right type of window grids that fits the window as well as the style of the home. Window grids are strips of material, usually made of some type of wood or composite matter, that appear to cut window panes into smaller segments of glass. They come either flat or contoured in configurations such as colonial, prairie, diamond, cathedral, and victorian. Custom designs are possible as well in order to produce diagonal divisions and other models that may be more aesthetically pleasing. The most common style of grids is colonial, which divides the window into equal sections of 4, 6, or 9 lites or parts, whereas prairie style grids have unequal panes to suit contemporary or farmhouse varieties. Some homeowners opt to forgo window grids because the modern architectural build of their home looks the best without any but the vast majority of homes require window grids. A good way to find the right grid style is through creating a mock version of the grid by placing masking tape in the shape of the desired grid and seeing if it complements the rest of the home’s interior. Apart from the layout of the pattern, the functionality of grids as well as its ease of maintenance can depend on whether or not they are Simulated Divided Lites (SDL), Grids Between Glass (GBG), or Exterior Grids, each of course with its own pros and cons. #windowgrids #grids #grid #windows #WindowInstallation#DoorInstallation #Hardware #Maryland #MD

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