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Best Window Cleaning Practices

Best Window Cleaning Practices

Best Window Cleaning Practices


Practicing regular window cleaning habits has many benefits. One major advantage is that cleaning your windows can help them last as long as possible. Installing brand new windows can be an expensive home remodeling project, so taking good care of them is a smart plan. Another benefit of cleaning your windows is of course the aesthetic element of maintaining beautiful views of the outdoors as well as getting maximum sunlight indoors. So here are some basic tips to remember for cleaning windows.

First and perhaps the easiest step is to wipe the glass clean with a cloth, squeegee, and a simple glass cleaner. For a more natural version, you can make your own cleaning solution by diluting vinegar with twice the water. Important tip here is to do this work on a cloudy day. Markings, prints, and water spots show up more prominently without the glare of the sun. Moreover, excessive sunshine can quickly dry out the cleaning solution before having the chance to wipe, and thus leaving ugly streak marks that are difficult to erase.

After cleaning the glass, frames and tracks are next on the list of things to tackle. Dust, dirt, and grime build up rather quickly in window frames and tracks. Toothbrushes with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar are great for scrubbing away this grit stuck in them. After removing this debris, make sure the frames and tracks are completely dry before shutting the windows, otherwise mold or dirt will again congregate. Lastly, if you can and if necessary, lubricate these tracks with a silicone spray so that they no longer gather as much dust.

Besides cleaning windows, controlling indoor humidity is also of great importance to expanding the lifespan of windows. Without proper humidity controls, mold and rot can grow not just on windows but also on the home’s walls that can be detrimental to the home’s function and value. Therefore, ventilate the home and turn on the dehumidifier when showering or cooking so that humid indoor air can be aerated outdoors.

If cleaning windows is too much for you to handle, employing professional service is also a possibility. They will provide consulting as to how often and how much cleaning work needs to be done to maintain your windows in tip top shape. The recommendation for geographic regions with four seasons, usually sits at once or twice a year, preferably cleaned during the spring and autumn. #Cleaning #WindowCleaningTips #window #door #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Hardware #Maryland #MD

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