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Palladian Windows

Palladian Windows

Palladian Windows


Classic and regal, Palladian windows work wonders to elevate any room. Palladian windows go all the way back to the Renaissance times, when Venetian architect Andrea Palladio used them often in his designs. Also sometimes called Venetian windows, they can be found in many ancient and historical structures, most famously the Basilica Palladiana. Due to this long and extensive history, Palladian windows complement homes with classical architectural builds really well. Their three part structure usually consists of a large window frame in the center with an arch at the top, and two smaller sidelights or window frames on either side. There are typically columns surrounding each side panel plus embellishments.

Palladian windows are meant to be large and bold, and make a statement in the space they occupy. They let in a ton of natural light from the outside, giving the room a lifted and sophisticated effect. Many confuse Palladian windows with picture windows because they are both large and commanding pieces of window frames in a room, but an important distinction exists between them. Picture windows are primarily intended to showcase the outdoor view, and to connect the interior with the exterior. Therefore, picture window designs are more discreet. On the other hand, Palladian windows are meant to be noticed and appreciated, so their design is more ostensible and elaborate.

Palladian windows are ideal for homes that wish to capture timeless beauty and old age grandeur of opulence, power, and formal sophistication. Their elegant styles and imposing dimensions look best in homes of a certain size and design. For instance, modern homes and Palladian windows don’t necessarily mesh well. Therefore, modern homes instead opt for picture windows, which are more minimalistic. Smaller homes should also avoid Palladian windows because they take up a lot of space that can’t accommodate compact areas.

Installing Palladian windows is no simple task. It requires structural work, sometimes on existing walls. Therefore, seeking professional consultation and installation is likely the best option to guarantee the best result. Once the right fit and function are figured out, Palladian windows offer a unique charm and a lasting impression.
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