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Quality Glass Variety

Quality Glass Variety

Quality Glass Variety


B.T. Windows & Doors works with a variety of quality glass so that you can find just the right one that suits your home’s needs. From the types of frames to the types of glass and shapes of windows, each variation serves a different purpose, whether in durability or aesthetics. For frames, we handle a wide range from metal frames to wooden frames, and composite frames. Each have different levels of functionality including insulation, maintenance, and of course the way it looks. The same distinction can be seen with types of glass. Whether it’s obscured glass, laminated glass, mirrored glass, tinted glass, or glass with gas fills, reflective coatings, spectrally selective coatings, or low-emissivity coatings, they all have an effect in the amount of solar light and heat they transfer into the home. Just as important are shapes of windows. We apply many different kinds such as casements, fixed, double-hung, awnings, hopper, and a single or double sliding windows. They differ not only in view but also in how they open and close. It’s up to the homeowners to consider the amount light and heat they wish to be transmitted, then leave it to us to get the job done! #QualityGlassVariety #Glass #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Maryland #MD #MontgomeryCounty #Rockville #Bethesda #Germantown #Gaithersburg #Damascus #Clarksburg

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