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Winter Window Maintenance and Care

Winter Window Maintenance and Care

Winter Window Maintenance and Care


Winter Window Maintenance and Care

The holiday season is here, bringing snow and coldness along. In the winter months, as we need different clothes, our home counterparts require different seasonal care. Especially as the temperatures get significantly cold in the East Coast, careful maintenance of windows becomes extra important for maintaining the coziness of your home. In today’s blog, we will share a few tips for winter window maintenance.

Regular windowpane cleaning

Though it seems that leaves fall and the world comes to a stop, dust and debris still accumulate in the windowpane in winter times. The accumulation can lead to air conditioning leaking through the homes, decreasing the home’s energy efficiency over time. Wiping your windowpane regularly, from both the outside and the inside, can prevent the dust buildup from impacting your windowpane. As professionals, we highly recommend wiping your windowpane with water or cleaning solution every month.

Record home’s energy efficiency for checking energy leakage

Another aspect of maintenance is monitoring, spotting damage over time and preventing further impact. Checking your home’s energy efficiency is an excellent yearly practice to monitor a decreasing energy efficiency. Consider monitoring the electricity bills or the time required to heat your home to a set temperature every year, comparing it to the measurements from the previous season. Taking immediate action from monitoring can prevent a long-term harm to the home’s energy leakage, preventing higher bills and environmental impact.

Check for cracks, creaks, and condensation

During the winter months, a contrast in temperature can result in the windows cracking. This can lead to long-term energy leakage, or serve as a gateway for mold and pests. A side effect of the cracks can be the window creaks, with the damage from the cracks rusting the connected hinge. Furthermore, from the cracks, condensation can form in the window to cause water-damage, worsening the damage to the window. If you notice cracks, creaks or condensations forming on the windows, it is a sign for window replacement against further harm to the home.

At BT windows, we are committed to creating your ideal home lifestyle. We believe that renovation is not only a simple installation, but an improvement to you and your family’s quality of life. If you are seeing signs of window replacement from our tips, contact us today for a free consultation.

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