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‘Tis the season and happy holidays! This time of year can be the best for many reasons, including cheerful decor, exchanging of gifts, Christmas music, and much more. But it may also turn out to be a nightmare for those who are not careful about home security. As families depart for the holidays, empty homes make for easy burglary targets. The holiday season is one of the peak periods for home break-ins, and there’s even a Hollywood movie made about it. According to the stats, Home Alone is surely not pure fiction. This is why it’s very important to have good quality locks and to choose the right kind of exterior doors. Some doors like sliding doors can be extremely simple to pick the lock. Security measures worth considering for your windows and doors include adding flood lights, motion sensors, cameras, and door bolts. Upgrading your current windows and installing reinforced glass can also be helpful. These features are proven effective deterrents against creating vulnerable home entry points. Other common sense solutions are to remove valuables from clear view and to put up window stops to prevent windows from being opened all the way down. This holiday season, make sure all your windows and doors are properly locked before you depart so that when you return, all your home belongings are safe and sound, and you can enjoy hassle-free festivities. #Security #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Hardware #Maryland #MD

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