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Casings are window frame moldings that go around each window. They are usually installed outside the house to seal window frames into place. Depending on the architectural build of the home, casing details and styles differ. Whether it’s from modern to traditional, single-paneled to multi-layered, or simple to ornate, BT Windows and Doors works with a wide array of paint colors and designs so that the finished job not only cohesively blends in with the rest of the interior and exterior appeal of your home, but also enhances the overall look. The utilitarian functions of casings are its weatherproof performance and heat insulation, which is determined by the material of the casing and quality of installation. Wood, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), and Polyurethane each have their pros and cons in price, durability, and efficacy to block out cold air from entering the house. Our team of technicians boasts top notch skills in carpentry that can achieve many different types of casing projects to accommodate your vision. #Casings #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Hardware #Maryland #MD

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