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Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Energy Saving


As the heat and humidity of the summer months come roaring, families are cranking up their AC’s to create an oasis inside their homes. However, old and decrepit windows can cause huge wastes in energy bills as cold air escapes through gaps and cracks whilst the hot outside air seeps in. Therefore, installing new windows that properly seal in air is expected to offer considerable energy saving benefits. BT Windows not only provides professional installation that results in a flawless operation of those new windows, but they also ensure increased energy efficiency and improved performance. Technicians can consult with homeowners to determine which type of glass is best suited to fulfill the desired purposes given the amount of sun exposure, weather, and climate in the region. Multiple panes of glass like double or triple-pane glass and low-emissivity glass tend to be the most optimal in blocking off heat and giving proper insulation. In terms of frames, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass materials all boast excellent durability, ease of maintenance, and energy saving features. Both glass and frames of windows should have a NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) label and an ENERGY STAR certified label. These labels help to confirm that said products will keep energy costs low all the while continuing to make the home a comfortable living space. It’s one effective way to compare different products and to make certain of their functioning. #energy #energysaving #saving #windows #WindowInstallation#DoorInstallation #Hardware #Maryland #MD

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