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Egress windows

Egress windows

Egress windows


Egress windows are a great way to add air ventilation and light exposure to any home’s basement. There’s a wide variety of egress windows, in terms of design, material, and functionality, and they are all tailored to make the basement space bring in more natural light so that it becomes an inviting and enjoyable space, instead of the usual dungy vibe of a basement. Whether the homeowner wishes to turn the basement into an office, a workshop, or an extra living room, installing egress windows is a smart choice. In fact, egress windows are required for bedrooms in the basement just in case a house fire occurs, in which case an egress window serves as an emergency exit. Not all homes are suited for egress windows though. Commonly, homes that were built before WWII utilized basements purely for laundry, utilities, and storage. Therefore, these small spaces are not appropriate for egress window installation. The general rule of thumb is that a fully sized adult with all their necessary first responder equipment should be able to fit through the window and enter the house. More specific dimension requirements for egress windows are outlined in local neighborhood building codes, and they can differ region to region. In some instances where basement windows are underground, homeowners can even decide to have a well dug around the window frame so that a proper installation can take place. Other situations may also involve basement windows that are beneath porches or decks. These below ground level environments are fine as long as there is enough clearance for human entrance and exit. Depending on the wall space and window frame structures, different egress window styles will perform the best. Sliding windows work great for larger window sets that let in tons of light whereas casement windows are perfectly applicable for smaller sizes. Both styles operate differently but are designed optimally for each circumstance. For example, casement windows open inwards and outwards like a door with a handle in order to efficiently use the given space and maximize passage. All in all consulting with professional window and door technicians will guarantee choosing the right model of egress windows. #egress #egresswindow #windows #WindowInstallation#DoorInstallation #Hardware #Maryland #MD

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