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Avoid Plastic Covering

Avoid Plastic Covering

Avoid Plastic Covering


Autumn is officially here. As leaves change color from green to orange, colder weather inches closer inside as well. In the face of the oncoming cold, homeowners begin to crank up the heat in order to keep a warm oasis indoors. But this can cost a pretty penny on energy bills, especially if your home’s overall insulation is poor.

Some homeowners resort to plastic window coverings as short-term fixes. However, installing plastic vinyl over windows isn’t really practical as they usually don’t stay in place for long and it isn’t the most energy efficient. Also, these plastic window coverings are not the prettiest sight to behold and can be an eyesore for the neighborhood. Furthermore, you could potentially void any warranty from your window manufacturer by adding an unauthorized film on your windows.

As for window insulation kits, they can be difficult to install because of the nooks and crannies of window latches and so on and so forth. Not to mention it prohibits the ability to open a window during the winter months should a need arise to ventilate for any reason, such as kitchen smoke.

The most effective way to reduce your energy bills and the only long-term solution is to install new windows. Enjoy a warm home this winter without worrying about how much your energy bill will be. BT Windows not only provides professional installation that results in a flawless operation of the new windows, but they also ensure increased energy efficiency and improved performance. How could you resist, right?
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