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Transom Windows

Transom Windows

Transom Windows


Transoms are ornate wooden and glass fixtures that hang above doors, windows, and entryways. Much like sidelight windows, transoms are an adornment feature to doors and windows that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Sidelights line a door along its left and right, but transoms are placed horizontally on top of doors and windows. They are often seen in classical architectural structures, especially on buildings of important and official institutions such as government properties, offices, museums, and churches, because transom design adds grandeur to any edifice. Depending on the type of built establishment, the level of decorative embellishments on transoms vary. Commonly seen transoms on homes and schools boast pretty standard and conservative designs whereas transoms on older estates are more elaborate. Today, they come available in a wide variety of styles and materials in order to accommodate many different types of demand. Customizations of transoms are possible as well with professional window installations that do made-to-order windows.

Functionally, transoms allow for more natural light to enter indoors, especially for important spaces like the entry foyer of a home. Some transoms can open up to permit air ventilation as well, all the while preserving maximum security. Transoms are usually small to moderately sized shapes, so maintaining privacy is not of concern.

For homes, specifically, transoms can be installed room to room for numerous uses. Whether it’s in bedrooms, porches, sunrooms, laundry rooms, or kitchens, transoms can beautify any space with its design and the additional light exposure it provides. This centuries-old design has come back recently as a popular trend for home renovating thanks to its unique capacity to evoke a sense of nostalgia as well as to modernize a space by letting in tons of natural light. Transom frames come in vinyl, wood, and aluminum, with each material offering a different price point, life span, and weather proofing benefits. Because transom installations often involve drywall removal and exterior cladding, professional workmanship is strongly recommended.

With the holiday season in full swing, transoms can be a beautiful place to put Christmas decorations in the house.Whether it’s stringing up outdoors Christmas lights or hanging up garlands and wreaths, transoms are especially great and useful this time of year.
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