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Sidelights are thin columns of glass that are placed along the sides of the entrance door. These pieces of glass are great statement additions to the entryway of a home. Functionally, they also welcome tons of more natural light into the home. Since the entryway or the foyer is where guests are greeted and visitors are spotted, installing sidelights to the main door can present many optical benefits. First, you can easily view who is walking up to your front porch without opening the door, which has an added security advantage. If you often have packages delivered, you can quickly check to see if it’s there or not through the sidelights. Sidelights that are installed beside back patio doors are also popular because they work to connect the indoors and outdoors spaces, as well as give a year-round sight of the backyard gardens.

Due to their individualistic charm, there is a wide variety of design options to choose from. Usually, the choices narrow down to a full light, ¾ light, ½ light, and ¼ light. The glass itself can be clear, obscure, or have other unique ornaments on them. There is a trade off between how much natural light you want to let enter through the sidelights and privacy concerns that people might have. A full clear light glass window would open the entryway up to admit the most amount of natural light, but provide the least in terms of privacy protection. So perhaps consider an obscure full light glass window instead. The other end of the spectrum would be a ¼ light, which lets in the least amount of light, but offers the most in privacy protection. A way to achieve both maximum light and privacy would be to install enclosed blinds that you can easily control or to insert decorative glass sheets that not only add aesthetic flairs but also serve the functionality of privacy as well.

The main entrance door doesn’t have to be made of glass. Regardless of the type of material of the door, sidelights can beautifully compliment most styles of entryway doors. If you feel that your current doors are out of balance with the rest of the house, adding sidelights can help to create even proportions. Sidelights manufactured nowadays can operate to be open or closed, unlike older versions that remain closed, so for those desiring more chances for air ventilation, sidelights might be the perfect high impact solution.
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