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Doggie Door

Doggie Door

Doggie Door


If you happen to have a furry friend in your household, you might have once or twice considered installing a doggie door for them so that they can venture outside at their own will. With proper fencing around the property, a doggie door is a great addition that offers the very obvious benefit of convenience. Dogs can freely traverse between indoors and outdoors with less hassle for owners whilst maximizing their freedom of movement. However, there are valid and critical concerns for installing a doggie door such as energy waste, damage to doors, and compromise on security. Therefore, carefully weighing the pros and cons is important to determining if it is right for your home.

Nowadays, thankfully, there is a lot of variety in options for materials and price points, each with their own advantages and disadvantages that suit different needs. Due to the wide ranging array of potential selections, installing doggie doors is becoming more and more popular. Regarding the concern of heat insulation in doggie doors, using thicker and more durable materials for flaps can achieve better energy efficiency that keep out hot and cold temperatures. An innovative product on the market that also addresses this issue is a doggie door that only opens by being activated with a microchip in a dog. Doors open and close depending on the proximity of the dog. This way unnecessary gaps in doggie doors are prevented, energy can be saved, and homes will be protected from harsh weather and from the intrusion of unwelcomed outside creatures. This feature is more costly though. A cheaper and less technologically advanced yet nonetheless still effective weather proofing solution is having two flap doors instead of one being held in place by strong magnets. Magnets and double flap screens are easy, accessible for many dog owners and their homes.

As for concerns of causing permanent damage to doors by carving out a giant hole right in the middle of it, perhaps consider installing doggie doors that come as a part of a larger sliding door. These doggie doors are relatively simple installations that do not require major alterations which might be regretful later on. They blend in very well with most interiors, and therefore, are one of the most in-demand styles at the moment.

Dog owners know the practical value of having a doggie door. Especially in cases where their pets can’t hold it in for long periods of time due to illnesses or old age, installing a doggie door is a justified investment made to salvage their home’s floors and carpets from stains and odors. #doggie #doggiedoor #doggydoor #window #door #WindowInstallation #DoorInstallation #Hardware #Maryland #MD

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