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Casement Windows Addendum

Casement Windows Addendum

Casement Windows Addendum


Casement Windows

Look no further for cooking your breakfast under beautiful sunlight. Casement windows have been a wonderful way for letting the morning sunshine and breeze in throughout history, with their beautiful and efficient design. Casement windows are windows that hinge from one side of the frame, usually hanging open towards the outside of homes. The windows that hinge from the top of the window frames are called the awning windows, as they resemble an awning that serve as spaces for protection on rainy days.

Easy Operations

There are many benefits to installing casement or awning windows in your home. Casement windows are marvelously easy to operate. With one touch of the handle, the windows open easily to let in the fresh air. This is especially helpful for the windows above a sink, when you are carrying pans while wanting to ventilate your kitchen, or when you want to reduce the mess that your wet hands make. The casement windows are also wonderful for being behind bulky furniture, when you want to easily access the outside air across the limited space behind the couch.

Efficient Ventilation

In addition to the easy operation, casement windows provide a wider, fresher ventilation for your home. Unlike sliding windows that only open for one side of the window frame, casement windows open fully to the window frame’s capacity. With casement windows, you can maximize the opening space of your window and enjoy as much of the fresh air or sunlight as possible, while staying energy efficient with the tight seal the closed windows create.

Customizable Aesthetic

Furthermore, the casement windows can be customized uniquely to your home. The plain, modern casement windows give a clean, classic feel with the bright sunlight they let into the house. On the other hand, casement windows with grids create a unique aesthetic for the sunlight entering your house, giving a special touch to your home.

At BT windows & doors, we provide the full services required for perfectly installing casement windows for your lifestyle. Contact us today to inquire about casement windows or more: We are committed to enhancing beyond your home - your life.
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