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2022 Window Trends

2022 Window Trends

2022 Window Trends


2022 Window Trends

If you are looking for a simple way to upgrade your home for the upcoming year, consider installing new windows. Changing your windows is a wonderful choice to spice up your home, allowing your living space a fresh start for the new year. For your home inspiration, we have curated the upcoming window trends for 2022 that will have you ready for your new-year lifestyle.

Touch of color

In 2022, the popularity for unique colors or texture for window frames will continue. Window frames are no longer expected to be seamlessly blending into your walls, rather, they are an additional aspect to showcase your personality and taste. Consider coloring your window frames with your favorite color - they will transform your living space with passion and uniqueness. If you can’t choose a color, window frames can also be made special through differing textures. Window frames can be made of a different variety of materials, such as wood, metal, or vinyl, all while maintaining the energy efficiency and safety of your home. Switching the texture of your window frame will also be a transformation that makes your home timelessly unique.


Another trend we predict for 2022 is incorporating more nature into your home, especially through letting in more sunlight with wider windows. For a brighter lifestyle in 2022, consider installing wider, glass pane windows to let in more natural light into your home. Bold choices such as floor-to-ceiling windows or all-wall-windows can warm your house and get your lifestyle closer to the beautiful nature than ever.

More than a window

Finally, windows are serving as more than home decorations - they hold functions for various everyday activities. Casement windows serve as barriers to guard your space from the outside rain or snow while you’re letting in fresh air, and counter windows serve as a wonderful addition for quenching your young ones’ thirst while they’re playing outside. Wider window sills can become the new favorite reading space with ample sunlight, and sound-reducing windows can make your house more cozy and focused by canceling out outside noises. To level up your home in the new year, consider adding windows with utility features.

Look no further for new window ideas for your home - we provide the full services required for perfectly installing any windows for your lifestyle. Contact us today to inquire about leveling up your home.

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