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Tinted Home Windows

Tinted Home Windows

Tinted Home Windows


Tinted Home Windows

Not only are windows a source of ventilation and sunlight in the household, but they are also a wonderful way to spice up your home. With the trend of uniquely decorated homes rising in 2022, tinted home windows have been rising steadily in popularity.

There are a wide variety of options available for installing colored windows – from color to function. Tinted windows can also be a wonderful, unique decoration for your home needs. With many options of window color tints available to choose from, colored windows are a perfect way to set the mood for a morning coffee or a board game night with your friends and family. In addition, a wide variety of tinted windowpanes are available on the market to serve a security functionality by not being visible from the outside.

Furthermore, they can also serve as a source of energy efficiency for your home with filtered sunlight. Window tints reduce the entrance of harmful UV rays from direct sunlight, while effectively reducing the intensity of the sunlight during the summer months. With less temperature required to be cooled off with the air-conditioning, tinted windows can significantly reduce air conditioning bills for the summer months while protecting the skin.

With such a wide span of utilities covered, tinted windows are a perfect way to guard your home, improve energy efficiency, and express creativity. If any of these needs apply to your home, contact BT Windows and Doors today to receive a free quote. Our window and door experts will find a perfect, affordable solution to all your home concerns.

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