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Window Signs to Look Out for when Purchasing New Property

Window Signs to Look Out for when Purchasing New Property

Window Signs to Look Out for when Purchasing New Property


Window Signs to Look Out for when Purchasing New Property

New properties are an exciting beginning for you and your family, giving a new lifestyle and a favorite space to both you and your loved ones. However, finding a new home that fully serves your purpose can be a difficult process, and it is easy to feel lost. There are many displays that can tell you about the quality of your home. They can help you assess the level of maintenance and age of the new property you are looking to buy. In this blogpost, we will cover the signs you should pay attention to for an easier house hunting process.

1. Water stains on windows

Water stains form due to the hard minerals from sources such as rain, drying off on windows. Though they are natural phenomenon that occurs as your windows protect your home from the outside conditions, the minerals can build up over time and cause unpleasant views or odors. When no regular maintenance has been done on the original homeowner’s part for a long time, the neglected water stain build-up can be especially difficult to remove after your move-in. In some cases, neglect extends beyond windows, and can indicate uncleaned mold or peeling paints around the house. Look out for water stains as you are browsing through potential homes.

2. Condensation on windows

Condensation on windows can indicate improper ventilation in the house, forming from the outside temperature colliding with the air conditioning. This can result from a window crack seeping air conditioning, or an improperly installed window frame. In the long term, this can lead to significantly decreased energy efficiency, with the inside of your house requiring more air conditioning for the leaked air. In addition to damaged energy efficiency, condensation on windows can be a cause of toxic mold, especially when neglected without being seen. Be sure to pay attention to dried water stains between the windows as you are hunting for your new home.

3. Gapping, hard-to-close doors and windows

Gappy doors that do not close, or windows that do not slide easily can cause you major inconvenience for your quality of living. Resulting from improper installation or decay without maintenance, they can be a major hurdle in ventilation and privacy. In addition, their presence can indicate a flaw in the home that was found with installation, such as a tipping floor or non-standardized door installation. As you are browsing through the new property, be sure to test the closing and opening of doors and windows.

4. Cracks above windows

Cracks above windows may be a result of a failing foundation issue that lies below the windows. Though tiny cracks are a natural occurrence of the house that typically come with age, when left unlooked, they can lead to gradual failing of various house functions. Pay close attention to the size of cracks above windows to preserve the quality of living in your new home.
At BT windows, we are committed to making the quality of your life the best that it can be. Contact us to learn more whether you are looking for finding a new property or are noticing these signs in your current home. Our window and door experts will find a perfect, affordable solution to all your home concerns.

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