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Best Window Maintenance Tips

Best Window Maintenance Tips

Best Window Maintenance Tips


Summer months can wreak havoc on your home’s windows. High levels of humidity, heat, heavy rain and thunderstorms mean an easy build up of mold and deterioration for windows. This is why making sure to take proper care of windows is so important. Brand new installation of windows is a hefty sum of investment. Therefore, homeowners should have an upkeep routine in place to ensure their long lasting peak performance. The basic ritual of cleaning glass windows is often good enough for most people. However, here are some other key tips and tricks to keep in mind that will deliver a bang for your buck on windows and help to avoid much bigger costs down the road. First is an annual home check up. This inspection process is meant to examine any possible leaks, cracks, chipped paint, or peels in and around windows. Prolonged weather and water exposure for caulking work and sealants can result in fast corrosion. If any crack or leak in windows is discovered, immediate attention and action need to be paid to these issues for they can quickly turn into permanent damage. Usually as windows age, cracks first occur in between windows and on its bottom corners. Homeowners are advised to place sprinklers, vents, and drains away from windows to extend the life of windows as much as possible and to preserve them in their tip top shape. For wood finish windows unlike vinyl or fiberglass windows, there is higher damage caused by extensive sunlight and its UV rays, so an extra refinishing job might be required. Besides from the regular essential reviews to have windows functioning and looking beautiful, another maintenance tip is to clean out window tracks and not just the glass. A smudge free window is great but if only one chore had to be done, cleaning window tracks would be the one, since dirt, debris, grime, and all sorts of filth can collect over time and get windows stuck. So, make sure to brush the muck away, then lubricate the tracks to achieve smoothly operating windows that are water tight, and open and close easily. Professional help may be useful to determine the best course of action in some cases where making repairs is necessary. #tip #windowtip #besttip #maintenance #maintenancetip #contractor #contract #saving #windows #WindowInstallation#DoorInstallation #Hardware #Maryland #MD

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