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Window Sealing

Window Sealing

Window Sealing


Window sealing is an easy way to save money on heating bills during colder seasons. The most common type of window sealing is caulking because it’s cheap and effective. Through a home energy audit, technicians can locate where air leaks are occurring in the home and focus on fixing them. Caulking can be done on both the exterior frame of a window as well as the interior trim in order to insure weather tight insulation. Because the process of window caulking is rather simple, residents often try and pursue it before considering more heavy handed renovation projects.

Another type of window sealing is done in gaps between wall frames and window frames. Insulating these spaces by filling them with spray-foam is a popular method nowadays. In older homes, they are usually filled with fiberglass batt insulation, but renovations can be done to replace them with improved and better material.

For minor air leaks, window sealing is a sufficient solution, but for homeowners dealing with aged and worn out drafty windows, a more substantial and long term solution is needed. Depending on the working budget, these long term solutions can vary from adding storm windows to replacing old windows with brand new ones. The investment in installing storm windows can be quickly recovered with the benefits they provide such as energy cost savings. Another less costly option includes putting up window coverings on the inside of the home for insulation. These insulating curtains and blinds such as window quilts that are fitted and placed on windows can prevent air drafting and heat loss. They block sunlight along with heat transfer, so they typically go on at night just like blinders and curtains.

If there are visible gaps around windows, audible outdoor noises coming indoors, bothersome insect intrusions, dust gathering or paint stripping on windows, it might be due time to start sealing windows in the house.
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