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Winter Window

Winter Window

Winter Window


Due to the onslaught of a global pandemic, many homeowners might have missed their chance to replace their windows this spring, when people typically choose to carry out their home improvement projects. Well, no worries, because the time is still ripe. There’s a common misconception that windows should not be replaced during winter. However, this notion is outdated and ignores the surprising benefits that can come from installing new windows in colder seasons. If you notice air leaks, weather infiltration, noise issues, paint chips or cracks, difficulty opening and closing windows, there's no need to wait and to hold off until the weather warms up. Consider window replacements in winter months to avoid wasting huge sums of money on bloated energy bills and the discomfort of drafty windows.

First and foremost, the biggest upside for many homeowners in getting new winter windows are the savings offered during slower, off seasons. Because installers are not as busy during winter seasons as they are during summer seasons, they can work closely on a project with more concentrated time and effort, with some contractors even being able to offer discount deals on supplies as well as services. Taking advantage of these seasonal promotions can be a great way to save money.

Secondly, a common misunderstanding is that homes are left to freeze whilst the installation project continues. But, the truth is that skilled and experienced technicians should be able to employ the latest material and expertise to finish the task swiftly in any weather and to keep the home relatively comfortable in the meantime. BT Windows are proud to be installers who have extensive training and therefore, know how to perform quick replacements as well as to take into account outside conditions and extreme weather including rain and snow. For example, our professionals use season appropriate sealants like silicone-based caulk, which is waterproof and fares better in the cold thanks to their capacity to expand and contract. These modern techniques will ensure a smooth window replacement process.

Last, but not least, the benefits of energy savings will be immediate in winter. Resident dwellers can turn up the heat indoors without concern for an exorbitant heating bill, so don’t hesitate to fix your winter windows.
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