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Our service for doors: an impression of your home

Our service for doors: an impression of your home

Our service for doors: an impression of your home


Our service for doors: an impression of your home

New year, new me applies to homes too. The start of the new year is a wonderful time to rebrand your home aesthetics, beginning fresh both for the body and soul. Doors, as the first aspect of your home that you and your visitors see, can instantly give a significant change in your home’s vibes when renovated.
At BT Windows, we specialize in numerous door renovation services to fit your home needs and wants, helping you start anew for the new year. In this blogpost, we will detail our services that you can consider for transforming your lifestyle.

Entry Door Replacement

Entry doors are the primary doors at the front of your house, welcoming you and your visitors into your home. They are the doors that make a first impression on your visitors, setting the overall atmosphere and the mood of your home. If your doors are getting harder to open, peeling in spots, or showing rusting in the hinges, they are signs that your door needs a replacement. At BT Windows, we cover a large range of entry door installation, including doors with a domed window above, Dutch doors made of two parts, and doors ranging in any materials, such as wood, metal, or fiberglass.

French Door Replacement

French doors are a type of entry door that has two parts, parting to the left and the right when you open from the middle. Their wide, welcoming design makes each entrance into your home a presenting experience, revealing the insides of your home from the center rather than the side, opposed to traditional doors. Whether you have extra space to be filled in your entrance or want to give your current entrance a new look, French doors are a wonderful option to consider.

Storm Door Replacement

Storm doors are additional doors outside your entry doors, usually installed as an extra protection against the bad weather. However, they can be used as much more. Usually made out of durable glass, they can be a source of natural light on a Sunny winter day, while protecting your home from the cold air. They also increase your home’s energy efficiency, insulating the heat in your house through the gap they create with the inner door. Consider adding a storm door for a multi-use entrance for your home, with its functionality to protect your home from both the inside and the outside.

Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Sliding glass doors are doors that open horizontally with a sliding motion, allowing less blind spot and space than a traditional door that opens with a hinge. They are usually installed as a balcony door to the backyard, rather than entry doors. Sliding glass doors cover the entire wall space, being a great source for natural light and a constant outside view. If you have a pet that loves frolicking in the backyard, or little ones that play outdoors on a sunny day, sliding glass doors can help you look out for their safety at any spot while staying indoors. If you already have a sliding glass door in your home, the door being hard to slide open or glass door dents are signs to consider replacing your sliding glass door.

At BT windows, we provide a wide range of door renovation services that can give your home a fresh start. Contact us today for any services listed above or of your interest - we are committed to making your everyday living an experience.
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