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Considering Spring Season Window Replacement

Considering Spring Season Window Replacement

Considering Spring Season Window Replacement


Considering Spring Season Window Replacement

Spring, a season of new life, is coming our way. Snow slowly melts down and the green grasses underneath begin to reveal themselves. Beyond nature, the Spring season also means that windows begin to fling open, and temperatures start to warm up again. In other words, it is a season that drastically changes the environment our windows are in. Because windows directly border the inside of our homes from the outside world, it responds most directly to the seasonal changes, and may require replacement for the new season.

What happens to our windows as Spring comes?

As temperatures significantly rise, especially from the cold Maryland winter, water droplets condense and are collected on our windowpanes. Combined with the warmer transitioning temperatures, the moist, warm windowpanes become the perfect environment for molds to grow. As a result, air that circulates around the house may become polluted with allergens and irritants that molds produce.

In addition to the proneness to mold, windows can also be significantly damaged from the cold temperature in the wintertime. Our windows are often put under thermal stress during the winter, being between the cold weather on the outside and the heated temperatures from the insides. As a result, this accumulated thermal stress can produce small and big cracks on our windows. These cracks are sources of insulation leakage, decreasing the energy efficiency by maintaining much less temperature inside the house.

Because of the hazards for air pollution and impacted energy efficiency from the winter months, replacing your windows is a necessary, worthy component to welcoming the Spring season. To mitigate the damages made to your home windows from the snowy season, consider replacing your existing windows or installing new window styles for the beginning of Spring. At BT windows, we offer quality services at competitive pricing, guaranteeing smooth, life-changing home renovation. Contact us today for learning more about window replacement services - we are committed to making your everyday living an experience.
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