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Window Renovation Ideas to Let in More Natural Light

Window Renovation Ideas to Let in More Natural Light

Window Renovation Ideas to Let in More Natural Light


Window Renovation Ideas to Let in More Natural Light

The Spring season is officially coming with warmer temperatures and sunlight, calling for the long-closed winter windows and doors to be open again. With the transition to Spring being gradually on their way, this time is a great time to consider letting in more sunlight into your home. With more natural light coming in, you will be set to fully celebrating the Spring warmth and liveliness this upcoming season. In addition, letting in more natural light is a worthy renovation that can last throughout different seasons beyond Spring, as the natural radiation can increase your energy efficiency during the colder months. In this blogpost, we’ll cover ideas for your home renovation project that can let in much more sunlight into your lifestyle.

Installing Lighter, Glossy Window Casing

Changing up the appearance of the window casings, the parts that frame the window as it connects to the wall, can maximize the quality of sunlight coming into your house. Lighter window panes in white hues reflect sunlight better, creating a halo-like entrance of the natural light when it shines through the window. Having glossy textured windows can also create a shiny effect when the light reflects, and it is a great alternative to let in more natural light while keeping the current window casing color.

Maximizing Window Pane Spaces

With increased area for sunlight to enter the house, increasing the size of the window panes allows sunlight to reach to more corners in your home. Consider renovating your windows to take up more wall space, capturing all the sunlight that your home interior needs. A great alternative to consider is to replace the current sliding windows to be casement windows, maximizing the glass surface of the window through eliminating the additional window frame that split the window.

At BT Windows, we specialize in window and door installment that precisely tailors to your home’s needs, all at a competitive pricing. If any ideas in this blogpost interest you, contact us today for a detailed, professional consultation - we are committed to making your everyday living an experience.
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