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Window Renovation for the summer months

Window Renovation for the summer months

Window Renovation for the summer months


Window Renovation for the Summer Months

The summer is officially in the corner, indicating a new season for our windows to be in. Just like our wardrobes, there are many styles you can choose as your windows for celebrating the start of the new season — freshening up the look and feel of the house. In addition to aesthetics, the windows need to be adapted to the new temperatures. The cold air from air conditioning reverses the windows’ contrast with the outside weather, and the amount of sunshine that gets into our windows increases. Whatever your reasonings are for considering window renovation, BT windows is committed to delivering quality services for improving the quality of your life. In this blogpost, we will cover a few ideas for improving the energy efficiency, utility, and the aesthetics of the windows during the hot summer months.

Increase sunshine flow with bow windows

Making the most out of the longer daylight hours means having that sunlight shining through, and bow windows are a wonderful option. Bow windows are windows that extend out of your house walls, creating a dome-like space composed of glass panes. With the window glasses having more surface area as it extends out of the plain wall, bow windows capture more light than any other window designs. In addition, the multiple angles created by the bow windows deliver the sunlight in multiple angles to the house, illuminating every corner of your home for the summer coziness.

Multi-purpose Window Seats

The warmer, longer days call for the books you’ve been putting off — and the sunlight-rich windows are the best source to keep you cozy and focused. Consider installing seats and extended shelves next to your brightest windows for committing to the summer books. The window seats may become the new favorite place for your little ones to lay in, or your small pet’s daily nap zone. In addition to sitting, they are excellent for extra utility - such as displaying your favorite plants and placing small decorations to upgrade your space.

Keep windows energy efficient.

With the air conditioning coming on full blast, keeping the indoor coolness against the outside heat becomes more important than ever during the summer months. Especially as windows accumulate cracks from snow and ice during Maryland winter, your current window may be leaking air conditioning and in need of renovation. Though at-home fixes like window seal tapes may temporarily remediate the AC leaks, the principal problem will remain and continue over the years. In addition to air conditioning, the radiation coming in from the outside brings in harmful UV rays into the house. There are multiple UV-ray protection, insulated window glasses available on the market, which we offer as packages to reduce the hassle in researching for the optimal one. Book a free consultation with us today to easily find the optimal option for summer window renovation.
At BT Windows, we are committed to elevating your lifestyle with quality, affordable window services. Contact us today to inquire more about any options for your summer window renovation, or even if you are unsure where to start — our professionals will recommend the perfect window for your home and lifestyle.
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