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Signs of Damaged Window Seals

Signs of Damaged Window Seals

Signs of Damaged Window Seals


Signs of Damaged Window Seals

As much as we want our windows to last forever, factors such as extreme weather and erosion can easily wear them out and greatly reduce their efficiency over time. One component where this can be observed is window seals. They are one component that is easily damaged and where the signs to replace them are easily identifiable. Though they may seem insignificant, damage to window seals will contribute to long-term energy loss and harm the integrity of your home. This blog will cover a few signs that will indicate whether your window seals are ready for replacement.

Condensation Stains on Windows

As the temperature between the inside and outside of your home varies with the changes of weather in Maryland, condensation can form as a result. When this condensation is observed on your windows, this usually means that the outside temperature is seeping in or that the inside insulation is escaping through the gaps in your window seals. Other than condensation, frequent fogging on windows or water droplets when there is no rain can be signs that your window seals are damaged. If this happens, it is a good time to consider repairing your window seals in order to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Windows Getting Dirty Quickly

Window seals serve as more than just protectants against outdoor temperatures. They also protect our homes from other factors such as dirt, pollutants, and harmful insects. If there is any breakage in these seals, tiny particles can easily find their way into your house, frequently leaving trails in your inner windows. If you observe your windows getting dirty quickly, especially after cleaning or rainy weather, your seal may be in need of professional replacement.

Long Span of Window Use

If it has been a while since your windows have been installed, they will likely need to be replaced. As windows are opened and closed, pressure builds up in the window’s seals and may result in cracks or gaps. As a result, window seals require regular inspection and appropriate replacement. If it has been more than 5 years since your window seal has been replaced, it may be appropriate to have your window seals checked for efficiency.

As professional door and window installers, we are committed to making the replacement process as easy as possible for you. Contact us today if you are seeing any signs of window seal damage as described in this blogpost – we believe in making everyday living an experience.

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